The journey starts now

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So I have been wanting to start this for the longest time now and what better time than to start the year on a high. No way I am letting this drag into the year. Lately, (well it has been for a while but it has started becoming quite evident of late) I have been realizing just how much of an influence I have over others, in that there are quite a number of people who look up to me. There are people, friends and family, who know I am in I.T. and despite the fact that I can be quite handy in repairing laptops, P.Cs and just whatever I get my hands on, personally I feel like I don’t have much to show for me being in I.T. I have a keen interest in cybersecurity and due to that networking as well and this year I am committing to being better, committing to know more, committing to expand my knowledge and whenever called upon mentor anyone who comes my way. (they are already coming my way actually but I definitely do not enjoy advising someone from a point of ignorance therefore I feel like I offer generic advice) This year out of all the traits I want to pick up, I want to be CONSISTENT. I want to try this concept known as consistency and I am giving myself 2 years of consistency in learning and exploring with networking and cybersecurity (I suppose once that ball is rolling it won’t be as hard as it is now but 2 years and then I can look back and ask myself how far it has got me.) Welcome to my journey. I hope that as time progresses my posts will be more refined and the learning curve can be seen. :-) Hold tight! (Okay, not so tight, a little trust won’t hurt.)

In the light of starting right away, for the next 21 days I will follow through the Linuxupskillchallenge by Snori74 on reddit. Let’s see how that goes. (Doesn’t mean it’s the only thing I can post within these days, I have a variety of interests so I gatchu!) This will be fun!




Believer of "To whom much is given much will be required" and remember to share love ❤ not hate.

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Cyber Mel

Cyber Mel

Believer of "To whom much is given much will be required" and remember to share love ❤ not hate.

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